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100 Premium Quality Top Loaders & 100 Soft Card Sleeves

100 Premium Quality Top Loaders & 100 Soft Card Sleeves

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4 Packs of 25 Top Loaders + 1pk of 100 Soft Card Sleeves
High quality SEAMLESS design - Elegant look for the best display for your collectables
Time to throw out the old low quality top loaders and replace them with the best  

* 3x4 Top loaders for standard sized cards 20pt - 35pt thickness
* Reliable Rigid PVC plastic holder keeps cards clean while preventing damage 
Each pack comes with 25 individual pieces, super clear PVC plastic holder to store and protect your valuable cards 
Keeps cards clean and protected from dust, dirt, UV and physical damage
Ideal for keeping cards protected during storage or transit

Protect your trading cards with our super clear soft card sleeves by PGC - Resealable Bag
* PVC/Acid Free, Polypropylene Soft Card Sleeves made with high quality & clarity 2 mil polypropylene  
* Each pack comes with 100 card sleeves
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